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I love this time of year, because I just love fresh food

Last December I planted my vege garden and now we are really reaping the rewards. I just pulled out a massive beetroot and our cupboard under the sink is full of potatoes. But the best of all are all the delicious, flavoursome, fresh tomatoes.

tomatoesYou just can’t buy tomatoes at the store that are as delicious as the ones you grow yourself – and that is what I’m pondering today.

I planted a few tomatoe seedlings last year, then Janine (ever one for spotting a bargain) was at the school fete and she brought home a tray of 20 tomatoe plants for $2. As you can imagine, we now have LOTS of tomatoes.

Because I couldn’t fit all the seedlings in the vege patch, I planted them in various garden beds around the yard. Some are in the front yard and some in the back – and this showed me something I didn’t know about our yard.

The tomatoes in different garden beds developed at different rates. The ones I put in the front yard started off well then stopped growing. I had three groups of them in the backyard and each group grew at a different rate. Also one group got bugs attacking them with only about 50% of the fruit ok to eat.

When I planted them, I thought they’d all grow about the same, but it is what is below the surface that determines your success with tomatoes just as it does with people.