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No, it wasn’t my birthday yesterday‘? (A realisation I can wait until next week for!)

Baby Chloie

Chloie born 2:06am Nov 4th

But at 2:06am yesterday, my best mate (since we were 6 years old) became a grandfather.

As I drove over to the hospital to see his shiny new granddaughter, I started to ponder about the stages we go through in life.

You know the ones I’m referring to; first of all your friends become teenagers and then they all legally become adults at 18, then next, your friends are inviting you to their 21st birthday parties.

Before you know it, all the kids you went to school with start getting married, and one by one, they start having babies and then you all sit around together mulling over how your lives have changed.

How it was - that's me on the right and Brian at the back

How it was - that's me on the right and Brian directly behind me.

Little do you know that in the blink of an eye, those kids will have 21st parties, get married and then suddenly one of them will have a baby and it will dawn on you…  now you are someone’s grandparent.

Whoa there!! Did we ask for this?  How long before I suddenly turn grey ! (oh’? wait just a minute, that has happened already!)

Why is everything so sudden these days, or was I not paying attention?

Best of luck in the big bad world baby Chloie, because before you know it, you’ll be a grandparent!