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What’s holding you back?

'No Time Limit' Coaching...

Leadership Coaching - JumperLead

Just-in-time leadership coaching puts you truly in the drivers seat and ensures you make the best of every situation …

Life Coaching - LifeDesign

Stress, depression, anger management, career and relationship challenges… take control of your life today…

For Small Business - MasterKey

If you feel that your business is running your life, it is time to make some changes …
You are the window

Coaching Priced to Suit Your Needs

From intensive coaching to monthly and quarterly sessions to ensure your business reaches it’s potential without running you ragged.


Life Coaching for Individuals

We all go through challenges. Typically clients come to me because they are in a depression, they have lost focus (or they never had it), they are going through a relationship breakdown or they are facing a career challenge. Learn More >

Who is Chris Edwards?

It is nice to know who you are working with: 

It is my firm belief that when an individual applies principles of effective leadership in their daily lives, the result will always lead to improvements in relationships, career opportunities, social development and business growth. I enjoy working with clients who are ready for change and prepared to put the effort in to achieve their goals.

I’m known as the youngest of the City2Surf Legends, (having run the Sydney City2Surf every year since 1971) and I have a lot of experience helping people set and achieve their goals. Learn More >

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Personal Performance Coach