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I was in the mall the other day at a record store. A young teen was trying to decide what to get with his $50 store gift voucher he’s been given him for Christmas.

He was looking at all the DVDs and CDs as far as the eye could see and getting more and more frustrated trying to pick what to buy. He said to me, ‘It is a record store – you’d think I could just get an iTunes card but they don’t sell them. Why don’t they sell iTunes cards.’

I explained that an iTunes card is effectively a gift voucher for another music store. ‘Oh’, he said. He then went on to say that they don’t have anything in this store.

As we were in a store with a large range of DVDs I pointed to something I thought he might like and said why don’t you get something like this. He said, ‘I already downloaded that.’

He said, ‘I wish they’d just given me real money.’

It’s taking a very long time for some businesses to change with the times isn’t it?