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What did I do last week? What date is it today anyway?

That is how I felt this morning. I know I’ve been doing things, but where did the last two weeks go?

The signs are there – I need to refocus

Should I plan or just take a chance on it?

Should I plan my day or just take a chance on it?

I usually start five out of every seven days with some form of exercise, either a weights session at the gym or an early morning jog or a walk. As I did my jog this morning, it occurred to me that somewhere in the last few weeks, I’d lost my focus.

Once I realised that I had lost my focus, I started thinking about exactly when this happened.

I managed to pinpoint the day that I lost focus – it was the first cold night of the year. I realised that the change in the weather caused a change in my routine which in turn resulted in my lack of productivity. Funny how such a little thing can make such a difference!

We had a night early last week where the temperature was only 2 degrees C. I don’t usually use an alarm clock because I generally just wake up at the right time, but that morning I stayed snuggled in my cosy warm bed. I woke up late, didn’t have time to do my exercise and this set in place a series of events that caused me to fall into some lazy old habits.

I missed my morning exercise a few more times as the week progressed, simply because the mornings were cold and I hadn’t adjusted my mindset to the idea of stepping out into the cold windy weather.

My routine is to think about my day ahead whilst I am either going to the gym or going for my run. So, because I wasn’t doing my exercise, I wasn’t focusing on what I was doing. I hadn’t set my purpose for the day. Subsequently, I tended to ‘go with the flow’ rather than take control of my day.

So, having realised this, I decided to spend my morning refocusing. Tomorrow is another day.