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One of the things I’ve noticed is that most people know exactly what they should be eating – most people know the basics of fitness. We all know we need to exercise regularly, so why don’t we?

It is one thing to ‘get fit’ – this usually amounts to a concentrated fitness program aimed at losing weight or training for a specific event… but what happens after you have achieved your goal?

What usually happens is that we lose condition, get lazy, put on weight and the cycle starts again.

How can I stay motivated to keep fit?

Last Thursday when I was going for a jog, I was thinking about this and the thing that really worked for me in the past was working with a buddy. In fact we got a little group together and for two years we used to meet two or three times a week for an early morning run and then we’d have a delicious breakfast at a cafe. (We always met near a cafe.)

Over time, the it fizzled out as one by one our circumstances changed. But the motivation came from each of us keeping the others on track.

Step-by-Step Coaching

1st-birthday-l7As I jogged along, I thought, why not use something like Facebook to try and inspire others to stay fit (or get fit). In fact, how great would it be if we had people all over the world encouraging each other to regularly get out there and do their exercise.

Not one to sit around thinking about it for too long, late on Friday I set up a Facebook page called Step-by-Step Coaching.

The idea is that anyone can contribute and we all work together to get fit and stay healthy. I’ll put what I’m doing and I’ll do my best to encourage others to share their regular activities. Maybe we can all get fit together, but at best I guess I can hope that 20% of people will be able to change some bad habits!

The little kid is me on my 1st birthday – look at all that optimism! Anything is possible – come and join me at Step-by-Step Coaching on Facebook.