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I saw in the New Year at a friend’s property about 20 km north of Canberra (ACT). The dams are nearly empty and the grass is light tan colour. This has been a long drought.
It was a warm summer night but the clouds looked promising. There were a few drops of rain but that was it. Unknown to the party goers, and yet there was a massive downpour in Canberra with minor flooding… such is life in Central West NSW.

My friend Don, did a fantastic job at the Barbie; then, after a delicious feast, we had a lot of laughs drinking, eating and playing trivia until midnight cheers.

So, what has this to do with marketing I hear you ask?

One of the trivia questions was, ‘Who was the 1st Australian to win an event at the Winter Olympics?’ The answer is of course Steve Bradbury, who accidentally won gold in Salt Lake City in 2002 as a result of three amazing strokes of luck. If you missed this at the time, I urge you to read about it now.

Steve stuck in there, not once, but over and over again and it is a message to us all. Don’t give up, in marketing (or in life). Even if what you are doing isn’t as good as some of the other guys, just keep doing your best and you may even come up on top.

Good luck for 2007. I hope you too can ‘do a Bradbury’.

To ‘do a Bradbury’ entered the Australian lexicon after this event but is rarely used now. See the National Museum of Australia for other Aussie idioms.