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I feel so invigorated this morning.

When I did my morning jog around the lake there was an awesome mix of weather conditions. My world was bathed in patches of sunlight. I jogged around the lake in sunshine and marveled at the brilliant rainbow that stood out against the ominous dark clouds.

Looking across the sunlit lake, the town and the colourful Autumn foliage on the trees in the foreground, contrasted so brilliantly that the sleet drifting around only added to the magic of the moment.

I wished that I’d brought my camera but then I instantly recognised that the scene was so surreal that anyone looking at the resulting photo would take a lot of convincing that they weren’t looking at a colour enhanced Photoshop montage.

When I saw five Sulphur Crested Cockatoos brilliantly lit up by the sunlight against the most vibrant rainbow – I knew I was looking at another ‘Photoshop moment’.

But that isn’t all:

To top it all off, yesterday was the last day of the school holidays.

What a sureal morning 🙂