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On Sunday I was trying to water-ski and I lost control of the right leg – in a moment’s lack of concentration, while I tried to pull my right leg back into alignment, I neglected my left leg which under pressure of the water flung up over my head, tearing a hamstring and buttock muscles at the hip. Friends pulled me into the boat and I was carried to shore where my body started to go into involuntary shock, ambulance was called and I ended up drugged up in hospital for most of Sunday.

This is a bad one. It is not possible to sit normally. I have to perch on my right buttock and pressure on my left hamstring is unbearable.
I have crutches but I can’t hang my leg vertically when standing because the weight of my leg pulls on my buttock and hamstring. So I get around with Janine holding my leg up at 90 degrees while I hobble on the crutches.
I’m lying down most of the time but moving the leg as much as I can and it is improving each day.

The things we do!