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Computers can be one of the greatest time wasters if they aren’t set up properly. By this I’m referring to having the best software and hardware configuration so you can work as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately there are so many configuration and software options it is nearly impossible to find the best combination.

What is the best Computer and Software set up for me?

mediaHardware manufacturers and software developers are constantly changing their products and so I find myself (yet again) having another review of how best set up our systems so we can work as efficiently as possible.

I’ve never had advice on what hardware and software I should be using. I’ve just tried to keep an eye on what options are out there and then each time we decide we need to change, I go through a software evaluation process.

The article I wrote last year (Keeping up with Technology) explained how I’ve managed to keep all my contacts information in order over the years, but now I’m looking at the next evolution of this too.


When I started looking around for tips from the experts on how they set up their computers I found a great site at where they have interviewed a lot of nerds to find out how they set up their computers and what software they use.

If the world’s top computer nerds don’t know how to set up their own computers, what chance has everyone else got?

It makes interesting reading but apart from the obvious fact that almost all of the nerds use either a Mac or they run Linux, (even Danah Boyd, a researcher at Microsoft uses a Mac and an iPhone).

You may find this useful if you want to know what people use to get the job done.