Book launch – April 2020

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A fascinating journey through 50 years of the Sydney City2Surf.

Chris is currently conducting interviews in preparation for a new book celebrating 50 years of Australia’s premiere fun run.

If you have a unique, interesting or inspirational City2Surf experience, please contact Chris with your story. 

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Who Is The Author

Chris Edwards

In 2020, Chris plans to run his 50th consecutive City2Surf in under 100 minutes, to fulfill a goal he set when he was a boy.

He is the youngest of the City2Surf Legends (the men that have finished every event) and past author of, ‘Begin With The End In Mind: The Untold Story of The City2Surf’ [2014].

About Chris’ Last Book

Steve Moneghetti comments on Chris’ first book about the history of the City2Surf [2014].

‘Begin With The End In Mind: The Untold Story of The City2Surf’.