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As professional coaches, we use a psychometric analysis in combination with a particular skills mix when we put an effective team together, but back when I was a kid, my father developed a very effective method of his own.

My father was the type of person who went to any meeting and somehow ended up as a secretary, treasurer, president or vice-president.

He worked tirelessly on many voluntary roles for local sporting and community groups and almost every project he worked on either achieved or exceeded its goals.

So what was his secret?

He once told me his secret was in the selection of the people he worked with. His method of selecting his team was very quick, and the candidates rarely knew why he had chosen them.

He would simply ask them, ‘do you play sport?’

If they answered yes, he would then ask them what they played. What he was looking for were people who participated in endurance events, such as long distance runners, cyclists, swimmers etc.

What he was not looking for were the traditional team players, such as footballers, or basketball players. His reasoning was that although they may have the ability to work on a team, they also played in bursts, plus they were used to having support around them.

My father wanted people who had endurance and could last the distance. He wanted people on his team who could focus on the task at hand without having to rely on the team.

It worked for him. What do you think?