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I came across a fabulous quotation by English author Samuel Johnson:

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him no good.”

How true is this. I’ve come across so many people in business who simply have no regard for anyone whom they don’t think they can profit by. For many of you this probably seems astounding, but it is quite true. The minute I read this quotation, a dozen or more names and faces sprung to mind.

One of the keys to success that you’ll hear entrepreneurs recommend is to minimise the time they spend with anyone who they think is a time waster. I know of one executive who actually has two business cards with different mobile phone numbers on each. He makes a point of handing the card with the number he never answers to people he thinks he doesn’t want to talk to whilst saying, “Here is my direct line” as he hands over the card.

Great quote. I love it 🙂