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School is back this week and we are into the extra time juggling that comes from having to drive the kids to and from all their extra curricular activities.

Juggling work and family is very challenging but don’t forget to put your own needs first. It is like when you are in a plane and they say ‘fit the oxygen mask to yourself first’ – because you are no good to anyone else if you aren’t in good shape.

Today, I need to drop one of the kids off early at school – right when I would normally be doing my exercise. The easy thing would be to not do my run or not go to the gym. What I did though, was to get up half an hour earlier, do my jog and reschedule my gym session a bit later.

Right now, I’m just waiting for him to get his gear together then we are out the door – I’ll drop him off and continue on to the gym. Over the course of the morning, I’ll catch up the time because I’ve done my exercise and set myself up for a successful day.

Take care of yourself first.