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It is another hot day here today. It is 37C now (98F)

I walked this morning instead of jogging because of the pain in my tendon, yet because it started warming up early today, I still sweated enough to notice the signs of dehydration when I had only gone about 7km (4.3 miles).

I don’t like carrying bottles of water or sports drinks, so when I go for a run in the mornings, I usually try to hydrate fairly well beforehand, but because I was walking today, I didn’t think to drink before I walked out the door.

Another thing I didn’t consider was that it had been very warm overnight and so my body would have used fluids while I slept.

As I write this now, it is nearly lunch time and I feel lacking in energy and my mouth feels dry. This is partly due to the current temperature, but it is also due to my dehydration earlier this morning.

It is suprising what a delicate balance the human body exists on and how a little water will make such a big difference.