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We dropped young James off to catch the school bus in the morning and as I was reading the destination boards on the buses that passed by, a thought occurred to me:

Transborder bus - Possum

Good clean school buses with cute, memorable names like Possum, Koala and Penguin

Most bus companies use route numbers to show where the bus will go, (on top of the bus will be the number 336 or 245 or whatever).

No doubt there is logic in this from the bus company’s perspective, and yes, regular travelers on the buses will know which number equals which bus route.

But what if it is a school bus and small children need to know which bus to catch? Or what if travelers are dyslexic ‘? buses 345, 453, 354, 543 could be very confusing.

James catches a Transborder bus to school each day, and what I think is really cool is that not only do they have nice clean coaches, but each bus route is named after a cute native animal which makes the bus company sound very friendly and approachable too.

The kids just need to remember to get on possum, koala, penguin, platypus, kangaroo, emu or whatever.

I love these simple friendly ideas.