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We had a big day last Sunday setting up our new seminar room ready for our first in-house workshop.

Janine washes the walls

Janine washes the walls

Janine and I got stuck into it. I painted the ceiling while she washed the walls with sugar of soap. Next we put a coat of a nice warm creamy yellow on three walls and then painted the feature wall with a dramatic deep sky blue.

We managed to do the ceiling and two coats of paint on the walls all in one day and I must say it was great to sit back and admire our work. We may not be the best painters in the game (because we aren’t in the painting game) but the point is that we had great fun doing it.

The reason it was so much fun is that we work really well together and we are both driven by a shared vision and purpose. To see the finished room, see the article ‘Reaching Your Dreams‘ on our Life7 website.