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On Monday I got an email that read,

‘You have been selected a winner in the SEIKO City2Surf competition!’

What a great way to start the week! I’m not the kind of person that usually wins anything; let alone a great prize like this.

My new Seiko watchThis morning a courier knocked at my door with my new ‘Seiko Sportura Alarm Chronograph’, which I immediately took out of the box and put on.

This new watch is actually my third Seiko. My parents bought me a Seiko as my first watch when I was eight years old (quite a long time ago)!

seikoIn a way, Seiko have been a part of my life since then. Not because I’ve always worn one, but because Seiko have always been official timekeepers at so many events I’ve participated in. They were one of the major sponsors of the first City2Surf in 1971 and have timed the run ever since.

So, now instead of checking my time with Seiko once a year, I’ll be able to do it at any time of the day.

Thank you Seiko Australia… now that I’ve stopped to write this, I’m running late!

Until next time…