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I titled this page ‘Running for Beginners’ because the training program I outline in my book ‘How to Break Your Fitness Slump and Comfortably Finish a Fun Run’ is designed for people who haven’t done a lot of running training before or for a long time and it is perfect for someone who is training for their first fun run.

c2s-trainingThis on a running training program that I developed for myself that is based on the 80/20 rule, or in this case 20/80! That is that 20% of your training effort gives you 80% of the fitness. It is idea for people who are basically fit or may even be weekend runners, but who want a program to prepare for the City2Surf that isn’t too strenuous.

This program is perfect for anyone of average fitness who wants to train for a 10-14km fun run like the City2Surf or for people who are basically active but want to put in a solid fun run preparation so that they can comfortably finish a fun run.

Free iCal running training schedule

june 2012 city to surf training calendarI have written the City2Surf training program as an iCal file that you can download to your computer or phone or iPad calendar, so all of the training events are marked in your calendar for you.

This iCal file will includes the same training program on the correct days for the Melbourne City2Sea, so you can follow along with the program just using the free calendar of if you want more information simply download the accompanying ebook.

Download free City2Surf training guideI’ve set all of the training events as repeating events so that the calendar will repeat on the correct days for you next year and the year after etc.

Click Here to download the iCal calendar file and put the City2Surf training plan directly in your calendar.

Running for beginnersYou’ll find more running tips on my Facebook Group; the City2Surf 100 Day Challenge. Why not come and share your training journey with us?