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The Great Volcanic Mountain Challenge

Volcano run

How tired will I be by the time I get to this bit?

I love a challenge, in fact like all of us, I need a challenge, because without it, I just seem to let life happen to me.

Lately my fitness has suffered from a lack of focus. I need to lose a few kilograms and I need to increase my aerobic capacity so, I needed a suitable challenge.

Whilst having a beer with a friend on Friday night, he said ‘I’ve got just the thing for you.’

And so begins my commitment to run in the Great Volcanic Mountain Challenge.

We all need regular challenges to motivate us, no matter what area of life we want to succeed in, work, relationships, health etc. In my case, I know I need small fitness goals if I’m to maintain a level of health I’m comfortable with.

Map of voclano runThe challenge is an 11km fun run from the bottom to the top of Mt Canobolas, (an extinct volcano near Orange NSW). The hill in this run makes the infamous Heartbreak Hill in the Sydney City2Surf look like a minor undulation.

To add to the challenge, not only is it a mountain with some very steep gradients, but it is also at a fair altitude, so the thinner air will add to the level of difficulty.

The run starts at around 1,100 metres above sea level and climbs to to over 1,400 metres which doesn’t sound like much of a climb, but I’m told that the real killer is that route goes up and down a number of times, so the total climb is more like 600 metres.

Anyone else up for the challenge?