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What an awesome little car, goes like a dream. I picked the VW EOS up from the dealership with 5km on the clock last Thursday and by Sunday had done 1,000km.

Picking up EOS

On Friday, the sun was shining and we decided to head off to the coast for the weekend. The NSW South Coast is great this time of year.

We stayed at a lovely little b&b and lucked in on a great seafood night at a caf? in Ulladulla.
This is one very pleasurable car to drive, but it is also very easy to find yourself going a lot faster than you think, particularly on the winding mountain roads where I found myself zipping round 40km corners at a far greater speed. Looking forward to many more thousands of kilometres.

It is 14 years since I sold my last Audi, so that is 14 years I’ve been away from the VW Audi marque (not including my 1977 Kombi, the 1969 beetle or the Type 3 panel van that adorn the garden). As soon as I got on the open road I suddenly wondered why I’d driven that Citroen for the last three years!!