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When I woke this morning I had aches and pains in every muscle in my body. My skin felt hot, tight and stinging in places.

I spent a lot of time jumping, running and playing in the surf yesterday with our young lads Alex and James. Not only is it quite a while since I’ve been to the beach, but obviously there are a lot of muscles in the body that don’t get a workout in my regular gym sessions.

Every second Sunday I have scheduled a run of 10km or longer. I really didn’t feel like running anywhere this morning.

This is one of those times when we are tested. How important is it for me to go for this jog? Why am I doing this anyway? – I’ll reveal my reasons elsewhere in this blog over the course of the year.

I dragged myself out of bed, put on my jogging gear and headed out the door. Slowly I started and after a few kilometres I started to feel like any other morning. I jogged 10.22 km then had a relaxing shower and big bowl of cereal and I’m feeling great. Full of energy and ready to have a fantastic Sunday.

The easiest thing to do is always to do nothing, but the real rewards come when you push through your own barriers.