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Anyone who lives in Australia will know that at around 3pm on the second Tuesday in November, the country comes to a stop. If Australians aren?t at the pub, the local racetrack or having a long lunch at a restaurant somewhere, they have most likely downed tools and are having a drink whilst watching TV or listening to a radio.

Homer's automatic dialing machine

Homer's automatic dialing machine

This year at 3:02pm our phones started ringing one after the other in succession. In my experience, each time this happens it is usually an automatic phone-dialling machine and always reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons in which Homer uses an automated dialler to make his fortune.

It might be important

Curious, I picked a phone up ? it might have been something important ? there was silence, I waited for the click and then a man with an Indian accent introduced himself. He was representing Telstra and wanted to help me save money with my phone calls.

I politely told him (just as I had last month and the month before), that I was still happy with my current telecommunications supplier, then I quickly hung up before he could suck me into his never ending telemarketing script.

I seem to get these calls very regularly and I always the answer is the same way.

Am I the only one who finds this annoying?