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Last week the community of Hall put on a little fundraiser for Deborah De Williams as she passed through Hall on her world record run around Australia.

Deborah giving me good advice on conserving energy whilst running

Deborah giving me some good advice on conserving energy whilst running

With her fantastic support crew of Karin and Owen (mum and dad);?partner, Glyn; and her faithful Border Collie, Maggie, Deborah has jogged over 16,000km of her 17,407km journey to raise money for breast cancer research.

Her tally so far stands at $205,738 and she hopes to reach $300k. If you’d like to support her mammoth effort, you can make a donation via her website Running Pink.

Deborah is a joy to chat to, and as usual the tiny town of Hall punched well above its weight, with many coming out to donate over a BBQ to help her raise money for a worthy cause.

The rules for ultra marathon running state that you must run at least 20km every day, and there have been quite a days where circumstances have colluded to slow her down.

Not the least were the floods across the top end and through Queensland where she spend many weeks running in the rain.

Looking at her running schedule she seems to average around 50km a day which is an incredible effort. The trick she says is to do a Cliff Young shuffle, that way you don’t jar your body too much.