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Join Me . . . for a private, ‘As-Long-As-It-Takes’ Life Coaching Consultation at this very special price (SAVING $125).
This Voucher Is Valid for 7 Years (Yes you read that correctly) Don’t miss this life-changing limited offer. (About life coaching)

life coaching voucher

No worries. This voucher comes with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! (see below for details)

Chris Edwards Life Coach Canberra

From: Chris Edwards

Re: 'As Long As It Takes' Personal Coaching Gift Voucher

Dear reader,

My role is to help you become motivated, empowered and focused. To help you understand who you are and who you want to be. My advice is to surround yourself with people of high integrity that you can trust to support you and let me help you discover exactly what you want to achieve in life and how you can do it.

My ‘As-Long-As-It-Takes’ Gift Voucher will give you a non-judgmental, confidential, personal coaching and mentoring session with me, to help motivate and support you in overcoming daily challenges and reaching your personal, relationship or career goals.

I prefer to work face-to-face (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne) but if this isn’t possible we’ll find another way (such as Skype or a special trip).


Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

Leadership Coaching

“I engaged Chris to assist me with further developing my communication and leadership skills and to assist with setting personal and professional goals.

I have found the advice Chris offered me and the insights into how I could best develop a range of skills to have been invaluable.”

Jeremy Hanson MLA

Leader of the Opposition, Australian Capital Territory

Business Coaching

“Chris regularly surprises us with his insight and quality of his advice. He is very personable and easy to work with, with great understanding of our business and the issues we face. He has an extraordinary breadth of experience to draw on and he contributes a level of strategic acumen not easily found.”

Hear from Murry and Robyn

Murray and Robyn

Owners, Jack Evans Workwear & Camping, Orange, NSW

Life Coaching

“He turned my life around! By all accounts, I went from being a ‘fairly miserable so-and-so’ to having a real spring in my step. I couldn’t recommend Chris’ services highly enough.”

(Note from Chris: Actually I didn’t turn his life around, he did it all himself. I just helped him change his mindset… and then I pushed him a little!)

Watch for the physical change in Damien's face

Damien McKay

Solicitor, Sydney, NSW

Life Changing Benefits

You will get help to overcome your business or personal challenges.

Begin to develop a strong sense of understanding as to who you are and what you want to achieve.

Use this opportunity to deal with your immediate challenges and then perhaps take steps toward a new direction?

You may start on the road to earning more, gaining respect, inner strength and setting yourself on a path to experience a sense of achievement or you may want to sort out some business challenges.

What is your biggest personal challenge?

life coaching voucherNo worries. This voucher comes with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! (see below for details)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Gift Voucher really valid for 7 years?

limited offer with 7 year guarantee logoYes, Absolutely.

With my Life Coaching Voucher, you get what you pay for. I think it is dreadful that retailers sell vouchers that expire after 12 months (usually a few days after you remember you’ve put it somewhere safe!). So they get the cash, but they don’t deliver the product or service!

My voucher is valid for seven years (YES ‘7 years’) from the date of purchase. So whilst you or your friend may not want to chat with a coach today, you probably will have an opportunity to use it sometime in the next seven years.

Simply keep your receipt somewhere safe and I’ll honour it when you decide to use it.

Will you still be coaching in 7 Years?

I certainly intend to be.

I’ve been coaching since 2007 (after career spanning nearly three decades!) and I don’t intend to stop. I love helping people solve life’s challenges and I can’t see myself ever not coaching. However, should I decide to stop full time work to pursue some other activity, I’ll either honour the voucher with a special coaching consultation or I’ll refund the amount you purchased the voucher for.

*NB: Refunds will only be applicable to those people who originally purchased the voucher for the price they originally paid. The face value of the voucher is not transferable to cash.

Can I transfer my voucher to someone else?

Yes, of course… (it is a gift voucher!)

Even if you’ve been given it and you don’t want it, you can pass it on to someone else over and over until it is redeemed, (so long as it hasn’t reached its 7 year expiry date!)

You can transfer your voucher to a friend or book a session for yourself at a suitable time, it’s all up to you. When you are ready, simply get in touch with me and we’ll work out a suitable time and place to meet.

Who is Chris Edwards?

motivational speakerPeople say I’m an easy-going motivational coach and life mentor, best known for my ability to set and achieve my own goals.

I am the youngest of the Sydney City2Surf Legends. At the age of 17, I set myself a goal to run in the iconic annual Sydney fun run, ’50 consecutive times and in under 100 minutes’. Today I’m still on track to achieve this goal and in 2016, I’ll complete my 46th City2Surf.

I have practiced as a full time Leadership and Life Coach since 2007. Prior to this I specialised in business communication. I’ve also owned a small business, and had a lot of life experiences, as a father, a stepfather and much more.

I’m a firm believer that no one can be a good leader unless they can first lead themselves. And whether I’m helping a client through a personal challenge or I’m working with a Company Director on business issues, the principles of personal integrity and good leadership underpin everyone’s success in life.

For a lengthy life story, have a look at this page

How long is 'As Long As it Takes'?

‘As-long-as-it-takes’ tends to be between two and three hours, but maybe more than three hours at my discretion. (The longest one of these sessions I’ve ever done was just short of four hours!)

We’ll start with an introductory chat and you’ll tell me something about yourself and your challenge, be it a relationship issue, lack of motivation, needing clarity in life, you have staff that need motivation, you need to lose weight or any of the myriad of issues that life coaches deal with.

After a long discussion, there comes a point when enough is enough. Information overload is no good to anyone. When that happens, the chances are that you won’t achieve anything… In fact, you could even go backward!

At the end of the ‘As Long As It Takes’ One-On-One private coaching session, I want you to feel that you have some clarity around what steps you need to take in order to reach the solution you are looking for.

When we reach this point… That’s how long it takes 🙂

What sort of issues can we discuss?


We all need help at some point in our lives. I’ve worked with business leaders, rape victims, sporting identities, politicians and teenagers. Together we’ve overcome everything from complex relationship challenges to business and career challenges.

I see my role as helping to empower my clients so that they can go on to develop a strong sense of identity and sense of understanding as to who they are and what they want to achieve.

Use this opportunity to deal with your immediate challenges and then take steps toward breaking bad habits and starting good ones. You may start on the road to earning more, gaining respect, inner strength and setting yourself on a path to experience a sense of achievement or getting little romance in your life.

It is your life, let’s get it under control?

Give me some examples of the things you can help me with?
  • Take steps toward resolving a pressing issue. Too often we try to deal with challenges by ourselves. Sometimes we fear discussing our problems with our friends for fear of what they will think of us. When I work with you, you can be assured that I will always remain helpful, impartial and non-judgemental.
  • Begin the process of transforming your relationships. Much of our stress and heartache is caused by relationship issues. Be they with our partners, our kids, our workmates or others.
  • Learn to take control of your timetable. Understand your priorities and plan some time for the things that matter most to you.
  • Begin to discover who you are and what you want to do in life. So often many of us go from day to day with no real focus, no purpose, no concrete goals to work towards.
  • Take some steps to further your business or career development.
Where does this 'face-to-face' coaching take place?

My coaching rounds enable me to to provide ‘face-to-face’ coaching in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and a number of country locations each state. I have also worked with clients in Queensland and New Zealand.

‘Face-to-face’ maybe via Skype if the recipient is unable to meet me in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or another convenient appointment location.

If in doubt, please contact me directly to work out if it is possible for us to meet.

What is the Small Print?

* ‘As-long-as-it-takes’ is usually less than 3 hours but maybe more than 3 hours at my discretion. ‘Face-to-face’ maybe via Skype if the recipient is unable to meet me in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or another convenient appointment location.

** Note: No physical voucher will be issued for this special offer. You will receive an email receipt that will be valid until 2021. To use your ‘voucher’ simply use your email receipt of purchase for proof of payment.

If you want a physical voucher to use as a gift, there an additional charge for postage and handling. Simply contact me with the address and recipient’s details.

*** You may purchase up to 5 vouchers, however each voucher must be used by a different person.

**** No refunds will be issued and the face value of the voucher is not transferable to cash. (Fair go, you have 7 years in which to use it!)

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. You also get my

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

limited offer with 7 year guarantee logoIf after your coaching session you don’t feel that you have got your money’s worth, just tell me why and
I’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

This limited time offer is less than half my normal fee for this service.
At only $250 for my ‘As Long As It Takes’* private coaching session, this is a ridiculous bargain.
(And you have 7 years to redeem your Voucher!)

Secure Your Gift Voucher Today For Only $250!

Don't Be Shy

Secure a Gift Voucher at this fantastic price before it is too late. You have nothing to lose!

Chris Edwards life coachI look forward to personally helping you to overcome your challenges, whether they be related to motivation, relationships, career or business.

Understanding who we are and who we want to be is the starting point to reaching our life goals.

Until then,

Chris Edwards life coach

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