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Nothing Is Achieved Without Effort
Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Leadership and Life Coach

“We grew up with a philosophy that it isn’t winning that is important; it is the taking part. But what I’ve discovered over time is, that it’s the taking part that makes you a winner.”

Profile of a Life Performance Coach

I think it is nice to know who you are talking with, preferably before you meet them; so here is a little of my story:

Since I began working as a full-time personal development coach in 2007, I have coached clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. I’m passionate about maintaining a healthy work-life balance and I enjoy working with clients who are prepared to put the necessary effort in to achieve their goals.

My career prior to coaching (in 94 words): Entertainment – Movie News Magazine, Sydney Opera House, John Denver, Evil Knievel, The Two Ronnies, Peter Frampton, Shirley MacLaine, et al. Annual Report Designer – Commonwealth Bank, Reserve Bank, AMP, Amoco, Wormald, BP etc. Art Director Copywriter – Arnott’s Snack Foods, Ansett Air Freight, McDonalds, TAB, Bacardi, Microsoft, Canon, Castrol, etc. Creative Director & Advertising Campaign StrategistFiatagri, Volvo Australia, UD Nissan Diesel, Clarendon Homes, Linde Gas. Hilton Hotels Malaysia, Singapore Mandarin Group, Johore Waterfront City. Federal Government and Education Sector – Australian Taxation Office, Australian National University, IP Australia. Work Locations – Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China.

Other Roles: I am an Ambassador for Australian Rotary Health and Founder of the Rotary Fitness Initiative and a member of the Rotary Club of Hall.

Past Vice-President NSW Chapter of the Advertising Institute of Australia, Past Australian Delegate Regional Access Asia Pacific, Past Board Chair at Hall Primary School, Founder and Inaugural President of Club VW (Australia’s leading VW car club, now named Club VeeDub), Past ANU representative on the Federal Government Cross Agency Digital Archiving Group and four years as a representative on ATO Small Business Partnership Forum. I’ve been an active Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Hall since 2010 with several years on the Board in a number of positions and have been the club ‘webmaster’ since 2012.

It is my firm belief that when any individual chooses to apply principles of effective leadership in their daily lives, the result will always lead to improvements in relationships, career opportunities, social development and business growth.

Like a good sports coach, I challenge my clients to set achievable goals – and then I push them to achieve the goals that they have identified. I love to see my clients reach their true potential in all aspects of life and I feel it is my responsibility to honour their commitment.

one of my early female life drawings

One of my early life drawings

Professional Summary: When I was in my last years of high school I worked weekends as a custodian at the Norman Lindsay Gallery. I frequently sat in the living room reading Norman’s old books (many of which he had notated and doodled in) and admiring his artwork. My teenage vision of an ideal career was greatly influenced by his life and work, and I found myself considering a lifetime of life drawing, painting and illustrating books.

When I finished school, I did life drawing and a few illustration jobs but the need for a regular income led me to seek a ‘real job’ as a trainee graphic designer (back in the day, when graphic design was a craft involving pencils and paint!).

Throughout the many projects I worked on in the decades since, a common thread has always been my fascination in the art of communication. At first it was visual communication, painting, photography and design, then the written word in combination with colour, sound and movement.

Directing a video for nissan

Directing a production for Nissan…what a lovely check shirt I had!

I gained many years experience producing print, TV and radio commercials for internationally known brands, and in 1994 became heavily involved in commercial web development.

When I began to shift my focus from mass-communication to inter-personal communication, I was pleased to discover that I got ‘better-than-average’ results as a leadership coach. I loved it and soon found that my broad experience in advertising and media made my particular set of skills and experience very attractive to business owners.

At the heart of it all is my love of creativity and those whom I refer to as ‘genuine people’.

Education: Both my parents were school teachers, so my formal education started far too early. When I was four I went for a sleepover at my friend’s place and got into an argument over the sodium chloride, (my friend thought it was called ‘salt’!).

Chris Edwards age 6

Here I am age 6, full of enthusiasm but without a clue!

My father had a notion that it was very funny to teach me the scientific names for everything but not the common names, so we had arthropods in the garden, we put sucrose on our corn flakes and we had a pet Melopsittacus Undulatus (named Herbie after the Love Bug) that talked a lot. One of the things Herbie was fond of saying was, “Hi, I’m Herbie, Melopsittacus Undulatus”.

In many ways it was a confusing upbringing and to top it off my parents thought I was a bit of a ‘mummy’s boy’, so after explaining this to me, they promptly shipped me off to boarding school at the age of eight so that I’d ‘man up’. I did most of my schooling at Sydney Grammar School, where my family had a few generations of history, and my final two years at Blue Mountains Grammar School.

Tertiary studies: Advanced Advertising Management at the University of Technology Sydney, Illustration at Randwick TAFE, Panel-beating at Granville TAFE, Blacksmithing at Mudgee TAFE, a Diploma of Management at Wisdom Learning, Leadership Coaching at Integrity and Values. I also did courses in Life Coaching, an IT Diploma whilst at ANU and a number of courses such as ‘Train the Trainer’ and ‘Production Management’ etc. Along the way I’ve also been involved with numerous conferences, workshops and courses as a presenter, trainer, organiser, attendee… etc.

I consider my most valuable education has come from personal experiences obtained over decades at the school of hard knocks in roles such as father, stepfather, brother, son, friend, employee, business owner, employer, consultant, coach and mentor.

1938 plymouth

My 1938 Plymouth – a work in progress

Other interests: I love innovation, film, art, photography, theatre, travel and adventure. I love the outdoors, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and I like to start the day with some exercise, be it walking the dog or going for a jog. I’m also fascinated by interesting old junk, vintage cars, ancient ruins, old machinery and the age of steam.

Random facts:

  • I was packed off to boarding school at the age eight – and loved it.
  • My best friend at boarding school, Tony Wilkinson, died in a tractor accident when we were 11.
  • I missed the train on the morning of the Granville Rail Disaster through a random decision to visit my grandparents the night before, otherwise I’d have been sitting in the non-smoking section of carriage three. I knew two people who didn’t come home that day.
  • The City to Surf Legends at the start of the 40th run

    When I was 21, and still invincible, I volunteered to act as co-pilot in a home built aircraft  test flights (I survived 13 take offs and landings).

  • I was married for 21 years and had three children and I’m a step-dad to three more (all adults now!).
  • I have completed the annual Sydney City2Surf Fun Run every year since 1971 and am known as the youngest of ‘The City2Surf Legends‘.
  • My Great Grandfather Harry Edwards was shot in the head at Gallipoli on June 20, 1915 and was evacuated by hospital ship to Malta, arriving with the Turkish bullet still lodged in his skull. Fortunately he survived, because without his fortitude and resilience I wouldn’t be here today.

If you’d like to meet up for a chat, just drop me a line via this page. Or pre-purchase a coaching appointment.

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