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City2Surf Legend shares the leadership principle
that has kept him focused since 1971

A passionate and engaging storyteller who inspires ‘light bulb moments’

Chris is a specialist in goal-setting, motivation and leadership. He is the youngest of the City2Surf Legends, having run in every Sydney City2Surf since 1971. (In 2016 will run his 46th consecutive City2Surf)

chris edwards medals

Chris Edwards – Photo: Fairfax Media

As a teenager in the 1970s Chris set himself a challenge;

‘To run in every City2Surf for 50 years and finish in under 100 minutes each time’.

He approaches his work the same way as he does the world’s biggest fun run, with a strong sense of dedication, determination and focus.

Chris speaks with first hand experience about what it takes to motivate people… starting with himself!

“Chris has a unique way of looking at teamwork and leadership that is very thought provoking. He isn’t your stereotypical motivational speaker; he is humorous and inspirational but fairly ‘laid back’ in his delivery.”

Chris is passionate about empowering others to achieve their best in life and maintains that;

‘Leadership is important for all of us. After all, if you can’t lead yourself, how can you hope to effectively lead others?’

‘Chris is an engaging speaker who is happy to prepare a talk specifically for your audience.’

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