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The last week has been in the high 30s (high 90s F) and the weather forecast was for a cool change and rain on Christmas Day. Although the idea of a rainy Christmas Day sounded fantastic, somehow I didn’t really believe it would happen.

It rained on the BBQ all day

It rained on the BBQ all day

Casting my mind back over the decades of Christmases I’ve had before, I struggle to remember a wet one. It is, after all, the middle of summer.

At midnight on Christmas Eve, we were still sweating in the heat. So you can imagine our elation at waking to a beautiful drizzly Christmas Day 2009.

Perhaps more by habit than good planning, we had purchased meat and prawns for the Christmas BBQ.

This was one of the most relaxing Christmases I can remember because we didn’t have to go anywhere. It was just a family day and after having a hilarious time with the giving of gifts, we ate, and then watched DVDs all day. (Fortunately everyone got at least one DVD).

We almost never all sit around as a family and watch a movie, so sitting around watching DVDs and grazing on lollies and chips all day while it rained outside was something of a novelty ‘? (although not good for the waistline!)

Merry Christmas to all.