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Yesterday I did a morning run as per schedule but not the run I’d planned.

I should be into the heavy part of my City2Surf training by now, but due to my sore foot I’ve had to cut back so I don’t risk making it worse.

Yesterday’s run should have been a 10km on a hilly route but I ended up doing a fairly slow 7k jog around the lake.

My schedule calls for a 13km run on Sunday, which will be five weeks to go until the City2Surf. I hope a rest today tomorrow will help.

How’s your training going?


Update April 2013

My City2Surf Training Program is now an eBook

‘How to Break Your Fitness Slump and Comfortably Finish a Fun Run’

My full City2Surf training program is now available as an eBook from all leading online bookstores and contains a link to download the training schedule as an iCal file, so you can import it into your calendar.

Also, feel free to join my free Facebook training group the City2Surf 100 day Challenge.