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It is that time of the year when millions of people make their New Years Resolution to get fit (again).

How many of you made a resolution to ‘get fit’ and you are still doing it 5 years later? And how many of you make a resolution to get fit every year but it only lasts for a few weeks?

I got an email from my friend Tracy yesterday, pointing out that it has now been five years since we made our New Year Resolution to ‘get fit’ and we decided that doing some regular Jogging would be a good start.

I originally started with my friend Don in January 2003 with plan to go for a jog at 6:30am on Tuesday and Thursday. Over the course of the year we were joined by a number of other friends and hangers on (such as Tracy).

Our secret to success has been to make the commitment with some friends. A joint commitment is a far more powerful thing than doing it alone.

We haven’t all gone out for a jog every Tuesday and Thursday since January 2003, but we have done it more often than not. Generally there will be two of us, sometimes three, depending on each other’s work and family commitments.

One thing we often do is meet up for a Sunday morning jog, followed by brunch in a caf?.

My advice is to make your New Years Resolution with two friends. When you all commit to the same thing and you agree to do it together, if one of you starts to pull out, you will have two friends to push you to keep to your commitment to yourself and the group.

We are now into our sixth year of actually keeping to a New Year Resolution that we made in 2003.

How long will you stick to yours this year?