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Today was warm; it was 36C (96.8F) here in Canberra, which is a fairly typical for a Summer day at this time of year for us, but probably a little hot for some northern hemisphere dwellers.

However, according to the ABC news, today’s top temperature in Australia was at a little town in South Australia where the thermometer hit 47.6C (117.68F) ‘? now that is what I call a hot day!

So what is a hot day?

In some parts of the world 36C is a heatwave, and in fact a lot of old people die in these temperatures in places like England. Here in Australia, 36C is fairly common in summer and yet there is a large percentage of the population who originated from England.

We become acclimatised to the weather just as we become acclimatised to our home life and our work environment. We don’t notice the changes until someone or something that hasn’t changed confronts us. Such is the case if you compare English people with Aussies that originated from England sweltering on a 36C day.

So, what is a hot day to one person is not a hot day to another. In the same way, what is seen as a problem by one person is not a problem to another. To someone who has ridden in the Tour de France, a 50km bike ride is not far, yet to a novice, it could seem like a marathon.

Whenever you are faced with a challenge, ask yourself this question, ‘Is this really a challenge?’

37.7C (100F) is not a hot day unless you don’t know that people are going about their business in South Australia where it is over 45C (113F)

If all this sounds like rambling to you… it must be the heat! – I think I’ll go have an ice cold drink.