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One of the things I love about going for my morning jog is that it gives me a chance to think about the day or the week ahead.

Groundhog-Day-PostersAs I went around the lake yesterday morning, my head was filled with things that I needed to sort out.

I came up with a pile of solutions, plus some new ideas and a few completely new strategies. So much so, that I decided to spend the morning sitting in a coffee shop with pen and paper to nut it all out.

My afternoon was completely lost on an IT project I’m doing for the local school. (I was kindly ‘volunteered’!). Unfortunately, as can be the case with IT, I worked on it from lunch until 9:30pm and a technical problem now means I have to do it all over again.

So, at the end of the day I felt somewhat like a mouse going around in a wheel.

This morning I awoke with more thoughts on my plans of yesterday morning, but I have to put that off until I do this project for the school again.

So today is like Groundhog Day, but in reverse!