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I read a good article in the Herald Sun yesterday called Top tips for weight loss, which said that we each eat between 2 to 10 times the amount of food that we did 20 years ago.

When you think about it; have a look at some old news footage and look at the people in the background –  you will see that the general population look a lot slimmer than we do today.

orangeThe article said that if you don’t change anything else, but you add one glass of natural fruit juice to your daily intake, the concentrated sugar content (energy that your body won’t use) will give you an extra 2.5kg in one year.

A glass of juice, even the 100% ones, contains all the sugars from the fruit, without the fibre of that your body needs. Apple juice is a perfect example. Apples are a fabulous source of fibre but apple juice is pretty much just concentrated sugar.

Try squeezing apples and see how many you need to squash in order to get a glass of apple juice, then throw away the the good fibrous pulp – sounds silly doesn’t it!

And, we all know this too; but here it is again… we need to eat more fruit and fresh vegetables. Only 10% of the population eat an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables.

pastaThe big killer that I notice everywhere is the size of our meals – today we just eat way too much.Try going to a restaurant and order an entr?e size pasta. This is actually enough for two people. Frankly I have no idea how big a main meal of pasta is!

We really should be eating entr?e sized meals and we should eat 5 to 6 times a day. Not have 3 big meals.

Then, we all know we need to do more regular exercise. Sitting in front of a computer all day, sitting in cars and sitting in front of a television all night just isn’t the way the body is designed to function.

The big question is:

“If we all know we need to exercise, we know the right things to eat… why do we do it and what can we do to change it?”

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