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I started the day with a jog around the lake. What a beautiful morning, the rain last night left everything looking clean and fresh; just the environment to inspire an early morning jogger to contemplate the day ahead.

Over the weekend I did a bit of work on our business site, Life7 Performance Coaching, which we’ve just rebuilt for 2009, after deciding to turf everything we had worked on over the last 18 months and start again.

A new website led to fresh thinking

Fresh morning, fresh ideas – fresh web site, fresh thinking.

Last Monday, building a 100% new business website from scratch felt like a massive job. We had decided not to reuse any old content and to write the whole thing starting with a blank whiteboard (to mindmap). By Saturday we had a lot more than just a brand new site.

Now the site isn’t perfect yet, there are a lot more features we will add to it and content that we will modify as the weeks and months go on.

As Pablo Picasso said:

Action is the foundational key to success

What we did was bite the bullet and just get on with it. You can’t wait until you have all your ducks in a row, or you will plan your project out of existence (believe me I’ve seen this happen a lot).

Our big win from this exercise

The biggest immediate benefit we gained from the process of redeveloping our website from scratch was that it forced us to revisit the whole purpose of the business, our philosophy, mission statement and product offerings.

We even decided to scrap one coaching service altogether and introduce a new mentoring group. (go here to see our new offerings for 2009)

So this while I was jogging around the lake in the fresh morning air this morning, I had plenty to apply fresh thinking to.

What can you apply fresh thinking to?