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Every year at about this time, people around the world are beginning to wind down for the end of one year in preparation for the next.

Follow the herdAt the strike of midnight on December 31st, millions around the world will party, they’ll laugh, get drunk, make love, get into arguments and many will make New Year Resolutions.

Some will promise not to drink, some will try promise to lose weight or get fit, to stop smoking, improve their career prospects and much more.

Perhaps not surprisingly, most of those New Years Resolutions will never be achieved. However, some will. These are the ones that have been well considered; not just on the last night of the year, but over some period of time beforehand.

The new year is a time to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. Making a New Years Resolution is a fantastic way to start the new year, provided it is done with serious consideration and a deep commitment.

Start today to ensure that you don’t follow the herd again this year. With a little pre planning, you can choose a different route.