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Book a confidential, face-to-face, ‘No Time Limit’ Life Coaching or Couples Coaching Consultation before April 30, 2019 for ONLY $290 (Normally $440).
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This session comes with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! (see below for details)

Chris Edwards Life Coach Canberra

From: Chris Edwards

Re: 'No Time Limit' Personal Development Coaching Session



I’ve been a coaching since 2007, and in that time, I’ve worked with clients of all ages and helped people tackle some incredible challenges. I have offered a ‘No Time Limit’ coaching session with 100% Money-Back Guarantee since 2012 and in all that time, no-one has asked for their money back. So, I’m confident you won’t either.

My ‘No Time Limit’ coaching session will give you a non-judgmental, confidential, life coaching and mentoring opportunity to help motivate and support you in overcoming daily challenges and reaching your personal, relationship or career goals.

I regularly see clients for face-to-face consultations in Sydney, Bowral, Canberra, Leura and Orange. (Other areas by arrangement.) So, if you’ve ever considered working with a life coach, at this price, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

My ‘No Time Limit’ session has also proven to offer a great alternative to traditional marriage guidance options for people seeking support or relationship advice or to those seeking help with conflict resolution.



This session comes with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! (see below for details)

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I book, how long until I can have my session?

limited offer with 7 year guarantee logoAs soon as we can schedule the appointment.

Once you have paid, I’ll receive notification of the payment. Your session is locked in and paid for. There are no hidden additional costs.

I will contact you via email or phone if you have provided a phone number and we will agree on a date and location to meet that is convenient for both of us.

NOTE: The session must scheduled within weeks of purchase and the session held before November 2019.


Can I book a session for couples coaching?


If you are having relationship challenges, you may book a ‘No Time Limit’ coaching session and come as a couple. You may come in any combination of two people – Mother/Son/Daughter/Father/Partner. 

You can choose to come as Employer/Employee or work collegues. If in doubt, please give me a call to discuss.

NOTE: This session is limited to two people only.

I booked a session – can I transfer it to someone else?


You can purchase my ‘No Time Limit’ session and gift it to a partner or friend.

NOTE: If you do this, could you please email me with the name of the person you are transferring your session to.


Who is Chris Edwards?

motivational speakerPeople say I’m an easy-going motivational coach and life mentor, best known for my ability to set and achieve goals.

I am the youngest of the Sydney City2Surf Legends. As a teenager, I set myself a goal to finish the iconic annual Sydney fun run, 50 consecutive times and in under 100 minutes. Today I’m still on track to achieve this goal and will complete my 50th City2Surf in 2020.

I have practiced as a full time Leadership and Life Coach since 2007. Prior to this I specialised in business communication. I’ve also owned a small business, and had a fair share of life experience, as a father, a stepfather and much more.

I’m a firm believer that the first stage of great leadership is taking control of your own life. And whether I’m helping a client through a personal challenge or I’m working with a Company Director on business challenges, the principles of personal integrity and good leadership underpin everyone’s success.

For a lengthy life story, have a look at this page

How long is 'No Time Limit'?

‘No Time Limit’ sessions tend to be between two and three hours, but maybe over three hours at my discretion. (The longest one of these sessions I’ve done was just short of four hours!)

We’ll start with an introductory chat and you’ll tell me something about yourself and your challenge, be it a relationship issue, lack of motivation, needing clarity in life, you have staff that need motivation, you need to lose weight or any of the myriad of issues that life coaches deal with.

After a long discussion, there comes a point when enough is enough. Information overload is no good to anyone. When that happens, the chances are that you won’t achieve anything… In fact, you could even go backward!

At the end of the ‘No Time Limit’ face-to-face session, I want you to feel that you have clarity around the next steps you need to take in order to reach the solution you are looking for.

When we reach this point… That’s how long it takes 🙂

What sort of issues can we discuss?

Anything. (At the bottom of this page is a list of things I can help with.)

We all need help in our lives. I’ve worked with business leaders, rape victims, sporting identities, politicians and teenagers. Together we’ve overcome everything from complex relationship challenges to business and career challenges.

I see my role as helping to empower my clients so they can develop a strong sense of identity and a sense of understanding who they are and what they want to achieve.

Use this opportunity to deal with your immediate challenges and then take steps toward breaking bad habits and starting good ones. You may start on the road to earning more, gaining respect, inner strength and setting yourself on a path to experience a sense of achievement or getting little romance in your life.

It is your life, let’s get it under control?

Give me some examples of the things you can help me with?
  • Taking steps toward resolving a pressing issue. Too often we try to deal with challenges by ourselves. Sometimes we fear discussing our problems with our friends for fear of what they will think of us. When I work with you, I will always remain helpful, impartial and non-judgemental.
  • Transforming your relationships. Much of our stress and heartache is caused by relationship issues. Be they with our partners, our kids, our workmates or others.
  • Taking control of your timetable. Understand your priorities and plan some time for the things that matter most to you.
  • Discovering who you are and what you want to do in life. So often many of us go from day to day with no real focus, no purpose, no concrete goals to work towards.
  • Taking steps to further your business or career development.
Where does this 'face-to-face' coaching take place?

My coaching rounds enable me to to provide ‘face-to-face’ coaching in Canberra, Sydney, Leura, Bowral, Orange and several country locations in NSW. I have also worked with clients in Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand by special arangement.

‘Face-to-face’ maybe via Skype if the recipient is unable to meet me in person.

If in doubt, please contact me directly to work out if it is possible for us to meet.

What is the Small Print?

* ‘No Time Limit’ is usually less than 3 hours but maybe over 3 hours at my discretion. ‘Face-to-face’ maybe via online means if the recipient cannot meet me in Canberra, Sydney, Leura, Bowral or Orange or another pre-arranged appointment location.

** Note: You will receive an email receipt that will be valid for 12 months. It is your responsibility to use your email receipt as proof of payment if requested.

*** You may only purchase one ‘No Time Limit’ appointment per person at a special offer price.

**** No refunds will be issued except in the case of failure to provide the service or if the guarantee is called upon. 

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. You also get my

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

limited offer with 7 year guarantee logo

If, after your ‘No Time Limit’ coaching session, you don’t feel that you have had your money’s worth, just tell me and
I’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

This offer is limited to the first 12 people to bookAt only $290 for my ‘No Time Limit’* confidential coaching session, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Book Now To Claim Your Session For Only $290!


This session comes with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Typical challenges I've helped clients solve:

Goal Setting

Goal setting is not always as simple as it sounds. Unfortunately, many people set goals based on flawed reasoning.

Time Management Skills

Improve your time management skills so that you get more done and have more time for contemplation.


Negotiation is the oil of life and business. Need help getting agreement on a proposal or opportunity?


Conflict Resolution

Conflict can easily escalate and cost you time, money, or relationships or worse. Let's 'nip it in the bud' today.

Succession Planning

Don't wait until the last minute to put a succession plan in place. You can't always predict when you'll need it.

Relieving Stress

If you are suffering from stress or overload, more often than not, structure can be used simplify and relieve stress.


Gain Clarity

When you get clarity on your life you can begin to take the steps necessary to take control of it.


We are surrounded by people and yet in this modern world we can sometimes feel so alone. But you don't need to be.

Improving Relationships

Your relationships will make or break you. (All premium coaching packages also include a bonus coaching session for a loved one or colleague).



Depression is a downward spiral. Fortunately, I've had considerable success in guiding people out of depression.

Staying Motivated

Sometimes we find it hard to stay motivated. Lack of motivation leads to depression, don't let it go on too long.

Career Mapping

Feeling like your career is going nowhere? Need help to get ahead? Let's work out a step-by-step strategy to get you the position you really want.

Life Balance

Commonly called 'Work Life Balance'; but it is never that simple! Controlling it is extremely important.


Your primary relationship will always your greatest relationship. Invest in it by examining love and learning to express your heart.

Overcoming Fear

We all suffer from fear at various times in our lives. If it's your time to shine and you are shaking like a leaf, perhaps it's time to do something about it.

Identity Crisis

Many of us suffer from an identity crisis. We fill too many roles, do too many tasks and answer to too many people. What is the solution?

Resetting Your Life

Dealt a bad hand in life? It is never too late to hit the reset button and change your course for good.

Idea Clutter

Sometimes we just get so many ideas we end up doing nothing. Get clarity and turn a great idea into reality.

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