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The media is currently relentlessly pursuing Lara Bingle and Michael Clark over their ‘possible’ relationship break up. We don’t know the real story but do we need to?

Lara Bingle

Lara Bingle persued by photographers

The media constantly seek out drama, and often elevate a non-issue and turn it into a drama – this fuels the fire and generally makes a bad situation worse until they finally get the story they wanted and make the money they need to fund the next story. (eg. Why Michael Clarke couldn’t take anymore of Lara Bingle mess )

When the media start negotiations to pay for the story, speculation goes up another notch, and by publicising that the story might be for sale makes the story seem that much more juicy. Everyone might make more money! (eg. Markson puts dollar value on Bingle’s reputation )

How about a reality check?

We are all in relationships of some kind, and all relationships go through good times and bad. The last thing anyone needs is media attention adding fuel to an already difficult situation.

Their story is just a story to the media, but it is a very deep, all consuming and emotional issue in their lives that needs to be treated very carefully.

Irrespective of whether they break up or not, if they are to have any chance of dealing with this, their story needs to be treated with the utmost confidence.

Imagine you were having a domestic with your spouse and the office blabbermouth camped outside your front door to get photos for the office newsletter. Does everyone you work with really need to know that you had an argument with your wife/ lover/sibling/mother?

Do all Australian’s really need to know the ins and outs of Lara and Michael’s relationship woes? I know I don’t.

As a personal coach, I help people deal with relationship issues all the time and even if they were my clients, the last thing I’d need to know is their story. The important thing is to help them move forward – and that isn’t about churning over the past.

UPDATED (19 March 2010)

I got a real laugh watching this skit on the ABC ‘Who is Lara Bingle?’