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Some people sit down and plan their New Year Resolutions and then just power into it. (They usually burn out a few weeks later, but that’s another story!)

But what if you are one of those people who was getting about your life, minding your own business when Christmas and New Year suddenly came upon you and before you knew it, you are living in 2010? Life just didn’t give you time to sit down and think about the year ahead.

That’s ok. In fact it probably isn’t bad at all because it means you didn’t get caught up in all the euphoria of making New Year Resolutions for the sake of it. Now you have time to really consider what you want to do, what you want to become, where you want to go, what you want to achieve etc.

Revisit last years goals

tentA great place to start is to have another think about the goals you set last year and then build on them.

One of the things I wanted to do last year was go hiking and camping, but unfortunately 2009 just came and went so quickly and frankly, I didn’t put a high enough priority on camping!

If you also had some still born goals last year, my recommendation is that you deal with them now using one of three options:

  1. Make a conscious decision that this is no longer a goal and cross it off your to-do list
  2. Grab your diary right now and allocate time toward your goals
  3. Drop everything and just do it

Now, where did I put my tent?