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Chris Edwards life coachHaving come from a corporate background in which my roles had always been based on the psychology of communication, I developed my initial approach to coaching based on a communication paradigm. My approach consisted of three inseparable segments; personal, organisational and external communication. Each of which feeds the other in a never ending cycle of motion.

As my personal coaching experience grew, so too my methodology evolved and I discovered that the principles I had always operated within, were closely aligned to the seven habits identified by Dr. Stephen Covey in his ground breaking book, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.

My unique coaching model consists of three segments, underpinned by seven principles.

Life7-pie-small-whiteMy Personal Coaching Communication Paradigm

All parts of the wheel need to be working as one in order to gain maximum momentum.

I provide personal coaching support across all segments of the Life7 Cycle, either with a holistic approach or on a project-by-project mentoring support role. This model applies equally to any enterprise, be it a small business, a large organisation, a family or an individual.

Yes, a family, an individual or a relationship will benefit from a clear vision, mission and goals, in the same way as a business does.

The Life7 Communication Cycle

Life7 coaching iconI call my coaching methodology ‘Life7′ (Life’s Heaven) because its purpose is put you in control, so that you can enjoy the things you love doing.

Effective leadership and staff development cannot occur without significant expertise in personal development or life coaching, and so in 2008 I decided to offer ‘life coaching’ as a package in addition to leadership development and small business coaching.

The implementation of my Life7 Communication model underpinned by the seven principles has proven to be equally effective when applied to the coaching of an individual, a family, members of a team, a business or an enterprise.

The Seven Principles of Life7

  1. Live with integrity.
    Take responsibility for your actions and choices.
  2. Use principle based planning.
  3. Execute with ease.
    Prioritise on importance rather than urgency.
  4. Always look for a ‘win-win’.
    A win/win is always a better in the long-term.
  5. Seek first to understand.
    Good communication is the foundation of success.
  6. Implement synergy into all aspects of your life.
    Encourage a framework of work-life integration.
  7. Seek learning opportunities.


Personal coachingFor a person or an organisation to reach their potential, the greatest benefits come from first focusing on the individual.


Internal CommunicationAs an individual, once you better understand yourself, you can then move your attention to organisation, social networks and work teams.

External Communication

External CommunicationWith the support of others, you are then ideally positioned to effectively improve your external communication to all those outside the family, team or organisation.

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