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It is now 100 days until the 2013 City2Surf, so if you are up for it, come and join me in the City2Surf 100 Day Challenge.

100 day challenge

There are a lot of City2Surf training programs around and most of them only run for 10 weeks before the event, so you may be wondering why I chosen to start this one at 100 days before the run? (Especially when even my own book on training for a fun run is based around a 10 week preparation!)

Ultimately, we all want to live in a permanent state of good health and fitness, but to achieve this requires making some changes to our habits and this requires a serious commitment to change.

Sticking to a fitness plan for 100 days is more of a challenge than sticking to a program for 10 weeks (70 days).

Not only that, but if you can stick to a training program for 100 days, you’ll be 30 days better prepared.

How the 100 Day Challenge works:

I hope that by joining in on conversations and sharing our progress, our challenges and our goals we will all help support each other to achieve our individual goals.

Each week I’ll add a series of challenges that will progress us through the following five stages.

  • Stage One: Preparation & conditioning
  • Stage Two: Fine-tuning our training routine
  • Stage Three: Improving our speed and conditioning
  • Stage Four: Improving stamina and technique
  • Stage Five: Final preparation.

If you are up for a challenge, come and join us.