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Evolved over four decades of trial and error

chris edwards jogging on beachI have run the Sydney City2Surf every year since 1971 and over the last four decades I’ve followed dozens of training programs. One thing I don’t like about many of the City2Surf training plans is that they are drafted with an expectation that everyone training for a fun run is aiming to be a runner.

Ideally, we should be keeping fit all year round but of course our fitness level is always up and down. For me, the Sydney City2Surf is a great annual event to help me focus on a fitness goal and raise a little money for a charity at the same time.

Fun Run Training Plan

Whether you are planning on entering the City2Surf or a similar fun run; I have no doubt you’ll find this training guide very helpful.

Download My Training Program

‘How to Break Your Fitness Slump and Comfortably Finish a Fun Run’

If you have ever started a fitness plan and then lost your focus, this is the training plan for you.

After trying many fun run training programs, one thing I noticed is that most of them contain far too much running and this can lead to either injury or physical fatigue.

My City2Surf training guide is based on the 80/20 principle, ie., 20% of effort can give 80% of the result.

I have designed this training program to ensure that people can comfortably complete a the City2Surf or any fun run of between 10km to 15km in length. It is not a training program for elite runners, however the structure of the program could be used by more serious runners if they add more kilometres to the work load.

This program is ideal for:

  • People of average fitness who want to train for a fun run.
  • People who know exercise is good for them but have trouble staying motivated and sticking to a fitness program.
  • People who are basically active but want to get into a solid fitness routine.

If you follow along with this training plan, it will help you get fit and lead to you feeling far more empowered with the added benefit of helping to improve your self esteem. If that seems far fetched, it isn’t, as you’ll discover when you read in the section on Mindset Shift.

This is a step-by-step 11 week training program, in four stages and covering things such as:

  • My two golden rules of training and three rules of diet.
  • Calculating your ideal training level.
  • Shifting your exercise mindset.
  • Three important tips that will improve your running speed and performance.
  • And my final fun run preparation tip that can cut minutes off your time.

Bonus iCal Calendar Download:

In the back of the book, you’ll find a link to download the training program as an iCal file that you can import it it to your phone or computer’s calendar.

Download a free sample of my full City2Surf Training Program:

How to Break Your Fitness Slump and Comfortably Finish a Fun Run - Chris Edwards

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Best of luck, and please share your thoughts or comments. Below is a video I did on my iPhone of the 40th City2Surf.

My City2Surf in 2010

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