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And a Tip for New Year

Another year draws to a close having seemingly been somehow shorter than all the years before it.

Already we are well into party mode with much food and drink already under our belts? (Or perhaps rolling over our belts!).

reindeerLike many others, I’ve also started to think about new goals I’d like to set for 2011. One that always comes to mind is getting fit. For some reason I never seem to be as fit as I want to be, especially around this time of year!

Last year I wrote my goals down ? this is important because now I can look at them and see how well I did at achieving them. I’d give myself about 60% I think… I didn’t them all done, but I am still working toward the ones that missed the boat.


Check your goals from this year before you begin to set goals for next year. There is no point making new goals when past targets you set yourself are not yet completed.

A re-evaluation of your old goals can help you complete some of them quite quickly. What I do is make a decision about whether the goal is still relevant to me, if not, I simply cross it off. Otherwise I make sure to reset it with new and meaningful milestones.

Take care and enjoy your holidays. Get outdoors and exercise and get plenty of rest so you can start the new year on your front step.

Merry Christmas 🙂