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I’m not referring to a gift you can buy; this is something you can give yourself:

In my post on Monday, I talked about getting my life back on track and why I recommended only planning 100 days ahead.

It was then that I looked at the calendar and realised that Wednesday this week marked 100 days until Christmas. (Yes 2009 has gone quickly hasn’t it!)

What can you achieve by Christmas?

How much closer can you get to your goals by Christmas?

I thought to myself; this is an opportunity not to be missed. Because is you set out your 100 day plan now, not only do you get to celebrate your 100 day goal being reached, but everyone else will help you celebrate on December 25th. (You might even get the day off!)

Seriously, this is a great time to revisit your goals and think about what you can do toward them over the next 100 days. I started doing this for myself but got a little distracted, so I’ll finish my planning on the weekend.

My goals are split into three categories, personal, work and family.

What I do is bring to mind my long term goals in each of  these three categories and then schedule activities for each in my calendar.

I may not reach them, but at least I’ll have a well thought out plan and I’ll be reminded of what I planned to do each time I look at my daily schedule.

Don’t wait for New Year 2010 to make some resolutions, do it NOW. You can do it all again in 2010. (What a great mnemonic tagline ‘? you heard it here first folks!)

Seriously’? do your 100 day plan this weekend and put it all in your diary.