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Can you believe it is only 100 days until Christmas?

That’s right, this week we countdown to the start of the silly season and if you’re one of my clients or a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know that I like to set ‘100 day’ goals with a significant end date’? (and Christmas is a great end date!)

frogWhat I particularly like about 100 day goals is that they present a significant challenge that is long enough to be a challenge but short enough that you can see the possibility of actually reaching them.

You could set a ‘100 days until New Year’ goals next week, but I prefer setting my goals to be achieved by Christmas so I can relax and let my hair down between Christmas and New Year.

Let’s Get Started


Go for a walk and give the next 100 days some focused attention

It takes a few weeks to work through the process of establishing a clear set of meaningful goals, but if you already have a good idea of what you want to achieve, now is the time to chunk your big goals down and ask yourself, ‘What can I achieve toward each of these goals within the next 100 days?’

My recommendation is to set yourself a few goals in different areas of your life, such as a fitness goal, a work goal, a relationship goal or maybe personal development goal such as reading a certain number of books or learning to play an instrument etc.

Once you have a good idea about what you want to achieve and why, write it all down and set in place a strategy that will help keep you focused on each goal.

I’m going to do this for myself right now. In fact, I’m not going to bed tonight until it is done (that is my goal for today).

This is a great opportunity, what will you achieve in the next 100 days? How will you change your life?

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