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The last report I read said that there were 135 confirmed dead and still around 30 unaccounted for – yet, Australia seems to have forgotten that the Victorian bushfires are still burning out of control and families living in areas in the path of fires continue  to be asked to flee their homes.

My mum called tonight for a chat and told me that my sister has flown down to Melbourne yesterday to help in the effort with St Johns Ambulance for a week. Well done sis.

Immediately after the worst days of the fires, there was nothing on the TV or in the papers that wasn’t about the fires or the towns and people involved. Now the media has shifted it’s focus back to subjects such as the economy.

We know that if it doesn’t increase the circulation or the ratings, a story won’t get much of a run. Who wants to read about bushfires burning out of control week after week after week after week? Low circulation means less advertising.

Yet the reality is that Victorians are still living with fire.