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It was pretty warm when I did my jog at 7am this morning and I found myself looking forward to the cool change we are scheduled for tonight. I started to think about people talking about the weather, and I noticed that how we talk about the weather reflects how we think about other aspects of life and business – and that is what I sat down to write about.

I took this pic from the top of Mt Rogers of the fires as they raged through Canberra

I took this pic from the top of Mt Rogers as the fires raged through Canberra destroying 500 homes in 2003

However, when I logged on I saw the news headlines and suddenly my thinking about ‘achievement theories’ lost its significance.

I read that 14 people are now confirmed dead in fires in Victoria and a total of 40 are missing in fires fueled by 100kph (62mph) hot, dry winds – similar to the ones we had here in Canberra in 2003 when over 500 homes were lost – but thankfully only four lives.

I fought fires at Sofala, with the Wattle Flat Brigade and in the Blue Mountains in the 70s and 80s, so I can feel exactly what they are all going through.

We have been experiencing a heat wave these last few weeks with record temperatures across the south east of the country. Yesterday we had temperatures in the mid 40s (+110F) over most of the region from Melbourne to Sydney, with Melbourne, a city with a reputation for being cold, getting a record top of 46.4C (115.5F)

— (at this point I stopped writing as we all had a family chat) —

Back again – I just checked the news and it is now 26 confirmed dead as the fires continue across Victoria and New South Wales.

I’ll write up my theory about talking about the weather another time.

My best wishes are with those fighting fires today.