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I got an email from a client last Friday that gave me great joy.

depressionWhen she first signed on as a client with me a year ago, she was a mess. She was on medication for chronic depression, she hated her job, her family was neglected and she completely lost any sense of focus and direction’? and that was just the start’? over the last year we have seen some big changes in her life, but this email shows me that it has all been worthwhile. In part, she said:

‘I’ve made sure that I’ve left work on time (unfortunately traffic has been an issue this week) and kept my promises to myself around being home to cook some meals and help (the kids).

As I’ll be away for 4 weeks (husband) and I have signed up for PT Sessions with (trainer) so that (husband) can continue to do Tuesday evenings with (son) as my stand in. In the mean time I have my (fitness) program to use at the motel gyms, in my room and outside along with my food diary so that I continue to make conscious decisions around my intake given that I will be quite sedentary for the best part of the day. I have promised myself that I will get up early and get some exercise (probably the gym) and also use the evenings to exercise either walking around Docklands and Collins Street or walking in the pool.

I have also decided that I will not be doing more work in the evenings as exercise and (hobby) will be my main priorities along with phone calls home. I’ll let you know how each week progresses as a means of debriefing myself.’?

It has taken a while, but she has really grabbed all life has to offer with both hands. It is great to hear that she is taking control of her life, and feels comfortable setting her own agenda.

What I especially like about her progress is that not only has she been able to bring herself out of the depilating state she was in, but also her whole family have directly benefited by the new mindset she has attained.

Well done.

If you’d like to know how you can beat depression, perhaps the process we used will help you too. Feel free to get in touch and let’s have a chat.