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I remember reading a theory somewhere that there are basically three types of people,

  1. Gazelles: these are the people who leap out of bed early in the morning full of energy
  2. Bears: these are the people who sleep in, wake up late and don’t really get moving until the second cup of coffee at around 10:30am
  3. Tigers: these are the people who start fast, have a siesta or slacken off at periods during the day and work late into the night.

Frankly I don’t agree with any of this. I believe that these are behaviours that are born of habit. All of which can be changed, should you wish to change them.

At times of my life I have been all of these types. Most commonly, I’m probably the tiger or the gazelle but rarely the bear.

I believe we are all most productive if we get up with the sun. So I have a preference for the gazelle approach.

There is no doubt that we do our best creative thinking in the morning after a good aerobic exercise and a healthy breakfast.

So, if you aren’t naturally a morning person, what can you do about it?