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So much for the idea of a relaxing Sunday; unless driving back and forth around town is your idea of a good time!

This is how my day went:

  • I left home at 8am (let’s call home ‘point 1’) – and took woman A to point 2
  • Drove from point 2 to point 3 to pick up boy A
  • Drove boy A to point 3 so he could do work experience
  • Drove from point 3 back to point 2 to collect woman A
  • Drove woman A back to point 1 where we collected boy B
  • Drove boy B to work at point 4 where I had lunch at a nearby cafe with woman A
  • Bought lunch for boy A and drove from point 4 to point 3 to give it to him
  • Drove with woman A to point 5 (National Portrait Gallery) where we killed a few hours
  • Drove back to point 4 to collect boy B
  • Drove from point 4 to point 3 to collect boy A
  • Drove from point 3 to point 6 to collect boy C
  • Drove woman A and boys A,B and C to point 1 where they met boys D and E
  • Drove boy A back to point 3
  • Drove from point 3 to point 7 where I picked up some bookshelves
  • Drove from point 7 back to point 1 to give shelves to boy D
  • Finally I arrive back point 1 at 5:30pm only to discover that I need to go to the supermarket – point 8 – if I want any dinner
  • Drove to point 8
  • Drove back from point 8 to point 1

Fortunately, today is a public holiday, so I can have a day working in the home office and not contributing to the carbon footprint at all.