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Yesterday I completed my 38th City to Surf and, as usual, it was a picturesque Sydney day. After the run, I met up with some friends on Bondi beach before a refreshing shower and our usual post-run lunch.

After the Sydney sunshine, we drove back to Canberra through snowfalls whilst listening to the coverage of the Olympics.

We heard on the news that a 26 year old by the name of Lee Marriage died only 200 metres from the finish and I recalled that quite a few people have died on this run over the years.

The City2Surf is not a hard run if you do the preparation. The organisers publish a great training schedule for people of varying fitness levels. Doing the training will help prepare your body but I believe the most important thing is to learn to listen to your body.

Feel the aches and pains and understand what your body is telling you. Then act on what your body is telling you. Usually this means slow down.

For many it is surprising to discover that is not unusual for apparently healthy men in their mid 20s to die whilst running. Some even fear running in case of death.

You don’t need to kill yourself to get fit. Take it easy and enjoy the day.